How it works

ART-e-CARDS are Flash® files residing on this website. When you push the send button, an e-mail message with a link is sent to your recipient. When they click on that link, their browser brings them to your ART-e-CARD at our website. So you shouldn't be afraid to overfill someone's mailbox with big files.


The ART-e-CARDS are basically designed to be used with broadband (cable, dsl). However, we always keep the Flash files under 1 MB. If you or your recipient use a telephone modem line to access the internet, you need some patience.


The music is an important part of the ART-e-CARDS. So please put your sound volume high enough and connect your hifi system input to the sound output of your computer, if possible.
Of course the cards also make sense without sound.

How to preview different cards ?

Just click on a thumbnail, so you get the form with the card playing. Then go back with your browser's back button, click on another thumbnail and so on.

The cards don't display

You need to have the Flash® Player installed on your system. Most people do.
Click here to download the free player.

Why are there "only" so little ART-e-CARDS to choose from ?

Peter Whiterose always prefers quality above quantity. All this art is created by him and that takes time. Come back regularly to discover new ART-e-CARDS.

The recipient did not receive my ART-e-CARD.

Please double check that you've put the right e-mail address. If the address isn't right, your ART-e-CARD disappears sadly into cyberspace.

Nevertheless if you should still experience any trouble in sending ART-e-CARDS, please contact us via the contact button in the menu.

Enjoy !

If you have any question, suggestion, good or bad experience with the ART-e-CARDS, we will be pleased to hear that from you. So we can improve the system.

Please use the "contact" button in the menu.