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Send world-unique free ART-e-CARDS to your friends and relatives. Multimedia e-cards with music, poetry and paintings from Peter Whiterose.

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After so many nice emails that I got from a lot of people, it was time for a guestbook.
New messages come on top.
Scroll down for input. Thanks!
by Peter Whiterose

So many heartfelt thoughts came to mind when I read what you have touched.
Your style is a finger-print in my heart.
Vernita "Bosco" from Alpharetta, Ga.

Your new single is wonderful. I love the music and also the video. Congratulations!
Annemie from Antwerp

I am lost for words!!! Truly amazing work....Thankyou for sharing your gift!!!!
Luna Salada from the UK

Thank you so much for creating such beauty, and allowing people to use it freely to express their love and light. I posted a link to your wonderful page on forums (philosophy/science discussions - archived) so others can find it too.
What a wonderful creation is your work.  Kudos!!  
Art is Life. All the best,
Ivan Alxander, California

In gratitute for sharing such lovely art work and accompanying words, we need more people like you to illuminate others lives.
Janet Ogle from Hillsdale, Sydney Austalia

Thank you for sharing your heart through the artistry you've shown here.
Susan T Winters from Tampa, Florida USA

Your work is fantastic, really enjoyed your site.
J. Hicks from Yuba California

Thank you Peter for the wonderful e-cards and your music is a delight to play in the background when I am trying to work, Thank you
Jan Donoghue from Melbourne Australia

Thank you. You brought a lot of joy to the people I sent your most wonderful E-cards to today. You truly have a gift.
Jackie Fleury from Jonestown, Texas

Fantastic art, poetry and music! Keep it moving always. All these seperately and combined are essential for the spirit and soul, for life!
Thank you from my core.
Lulu from Long Island, New York

Hi, Peter
These are the most beautiful ecards. I love them and so do my friends to whom they have been sent. Thank you.
Susan from Australia

These cards are fantastic. The best ones I've found anywhere online, or anywhere.
Debbie Wing

Your work is of music to my inner soul, may you find peace in chanting world...
Merry Christmas!
Best Wishes,
Anita Bennett from Staunton, VA 24401, USA

Thank you for the enchanting artwork and website. Each piece, music and message brought tears to my eyes.
Ayse Tobey from Oahu, Hawaii

....what an amazingly beautiful website! The artwork, text and music touched my heart and soul. I love every single option!
I was looking for ecards to send special people in my life. Your offerings are perfect. Thank you from my heart!
Cyganka from Wisconsin, USA

Now for Xmas I have printed out your printable postcards and this worked easily.
Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to send unique wishes to my dearest (sometimes sophisticated) friends.
Michel from Italy

I found your site while looking for unique cards. I had looked for quite some time and when I found your site I was enthralled. It was exactly what I was looking for. You are incredibly talented- magical, mystical visions with words that go right to the heart. I love that you are not "overly wordy". Perfect.
Thank you so much.

I love this site! Thank you Peter, it is truly GIFT for the soul!
The words are not enough to express that the cards and music also touch our souls and feelings ... congratulations ...
I am simply blown away by your artwork, your clean, so clear. so stunning really...
I happened upon you by accident (no coincidences) this is all just so lovely!
Thank you!

I love the bird card. It was perfect card for me to send to a friend. Keep this website going. I love the spiritual vision behind it.
Beautiful beautiful ecards. Thank you!
Reveal the Light art card touched me very deeply! It is so beautiful and your choice of music is perfect. thank you so much! I sent it to 10 of my family and friends as a Christmas card.
Thank you for these beautiful and unique cards - they are a joy to look at and enjoy.
Please continue to create.

I was just poking around online looking for examples of magical realism in art to show my Composition students and stumbled across your site. Just wanted to tell you how beautiful your paintings are! I really enjoyed looking at them.

This is a beautiful media and expression I have ever seen.
You are a truly blessed artist.
Keep it flowing.
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